Mountain Air Counseling


Your relationships light up the world in which you live and breathe. They are key to your happiness and long-term success. When crisis happens, it can disrupt every aspect of your life ~ especially when it’s your love relationships that are suffering. Every relationship cycles through stages.

When couples seek counseling they usually feel disconnected. The goal of therapy is to restore the connection so that the couple can again successfully connect intimately. Understanding intimacy can help you and your partner grow together.

Raising children can also be complex. Rarely are parents prepared with a strong understanding of normal child development and how to turn parental control into their child’s self-control.  At Mountain Air Counseling, we work with families to empower more productive and satisfying relationships that grow with each stage of development. We offer services such as testing and family counseling, couples therapy and support groups to help you make the most of you life.

At Mountain Air Counseling, we use well researched theories of human relations and treatment to help our clients achieve the lives they choose. Find fresh insights for your life!

Restoring and Enhancing the Important Relationships in your Life